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What Is The FireShot Pro Crack With License Key?

Web-based software called FireShot Pro Crack enables you to snap screenshots and annotate them. Use the FireShot Pro serial number to make tutorials, teach others, produce how-to screenshots, convert web pages to PDF, and more. With the help of the integrated image editor in Specific, users can instantly modify screenshots, add comments, headers and footers, and hyperlinks.

Web page screenshots can be taken with FireShot Pro Crack. Users have the option to photograph a particular piece or every open tab at once. They can quickly and easily upload customised screenshots to FTP and HTTP sites while automatically checking for faults. Using the software, live pages can be converted into meaningful information by being saved as a JPEG, PDF, PNG, GIF, or BMP file. You can send saved information to Microsoft OneNote or other applications.

key features:

Capture Screenshots: FireShot Pro enables you to capture full web pages, visible content, or selected areas of a webpage with a single click. This includes scrolling web pages that don’t fit within the screen.

Editing and Annotation: Once you’ve captured a screenshot, FireShot Pro provides a variety of editing tools to enhance and annotate your image. You can add text, shapes, arrows, highlights, and blur effects to draw attention to specific areas.

Share and Print: FireShot Pro offers built-in sharing options that allow you to instantly share your screenshots via email, social media platforms, or copy them to the clipboard. You can also print your screenshots directly from the extension.

Customization Options: FireShot Pro allows you to customize your screenshot output by adding watermarks, headers, and footers. You can also adjust image quality, file size, and choose different capture modes to suit your specific needs.

Organizational Tools: FireShot Pro provides a screenshot library where you can manage and organize your captured images. You can categorize screenshots into folders, search for specific screenshots, and even add tags for easy retrieval.

Privacy and Security: FireShot Pro respects your privacy and offers options to exclude sensitive information from your screenshots. It also supports password protection for accessing your screenshot library.


User-Friendly: FireShot Pro has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use even for beginners.
Comprehensive Capture Options: It allows you to capture full web pages, selected areas, or visible content, including scrolling web pages.
Organizational Features: FireShot Pro includes a screenshot library for managing and organizing your captured images with folders, tags, and search functionality.
Customization Options: You can customize your screenshots with watermarks, headers, and footers, and adjust image quality and file size to suit your preferences.
Privacy and Security: FireShot Pro respects your privacy and allows you to exclude sensitive information from screenshots. It also supports password protection for accessing your screenshot library.


Limited Browser Compatibility: While FireShot Pro is available for popular browsers, it may not be supported on all browser versions or less common browsers.
Requires Extension Installation: To use FireShot Pro, you need to install the browser extension, which may not be feasible in certain restricted or controlled environments.
Paid Version: While FireShot Pro offers a free version with basic features, access to the full range of advanced features requires purchasing the Pro version.

What’s New?

  • Enhanced Full Page Capture
  • Advanced Editing Tools
  • Improved Annotation Options
  • External Editor Integration
  • Export to Microsoft Office
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Capture Scheduler
  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • PDF Capture and Conversion
  • Scroll Delay Option
  • High-DPI Monitor Support
  • Performance Enhancements

System Requirements:


Processor speed: at least 1GHz
1 GB or more of RAM
50 MB or more of free disc space


Processor: based on Intel.
1 GB or more of RAM
50 MB or more of free disc space
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are supported web browsers.

How to Crack?

  • Visit the FireShot Pro official website.
  • Go to the download or ordering page.
  • Select the correct FireShot Pro version for your Windows or Mac operating system.
  • To begin the download procedure, click the download button or link.
  • Leave the default installation location alone, or select the folder where you want FireShot Pro to be placed.
  • To start the installation process, select “Install” or “Next.”
  • Watch for the installer to finish installing everything.

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